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Official Trailer

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92 min  |   2023   |   Dir. Miguel Faus   |   Drama, Satire   |   Starring Paula Grimaldo, Ariadna Gil, Luis Bermejo, Pol Hermoso

Presented by Steven Soderbergh


Ana has just arrived from Colombia and is the maid of a luxurious mansion on the Costa Brava, where a family of wealthy art dealers spends their summers. The young woman works tirelessly and without a contract, under the false promise of decent conditions at the end of the summer, if she remains obedient and discreet. When, thanks to the maid of the neighboring house, she discovers her own ways of enjoying the summer, the family decides to fire her. But before leaving, Ana will summon her wit and cunning to find her victory behind the 12 words that open a crypto wallet.

CALLADITA is the first European movie ever funded by NFTs.

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